Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum user count for subscriptions ?
No, subscriptions can be created with a single user, and this can be increased by any number at some later time. User counts can also be reduced.
Can I change the subscription level ?
If you create a Standard account, and then decide that some features of Professional or Enterprise levels are required, then a subscription can be updated at any time, either up or down.
How easy is it to cancel a subscription ?
Subscriptions are billed monthly in advance. If you decide to cancel, this can be done at any time, and the account will expire at the end of the current monthly period. If you change your mind, the data will be retained and the system available at reduced functionality for a further 30 days, during which a subscription can be re-started.
Will the system work on my mobile device ?
The system is configurable with a number of different menu systems and styles which can be set by browser or device. This includes a jQueryMobile version which should work on most devices. All of the schemes offer full system functionality.
What support is available ?
AlchemyWorks contains a comprehensive context sensitive help system. In addition Enterprise level subscriptions have access to a formal support channel.

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