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Calendar Agenda View

The calendar in agenda view shows upcoming tasks and projects for the week ahead, including timing and status information.

This view is different to the project list on the user home page or dashboard in that it shows all entries with scheduled timing. The home page only shows single entries for each project in execution order and omits any which cannot yet be worked on because of timing or dependencies. The agenda view along with other calendar interfaces shows all projects regardless of conditions.

The scheduling engine allocates according to inter-dependencies and priority, with a granularity option defined in system settings. For example, if there are twenty minutes left outstanding on a task, but the granularity is set to thirty minutes, then the task will be scheduled on a half hour boundary, as will the next task following it.

Clicking on an individual project will take you through to the maintenance page for that project. Recording time or activity against it will automatically reduce the outstanding work, and trigger the scheduling engine to recalculate.

Other user agenda schedules may be viewed, if the user permissions and allocated role allows it.

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