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Security Clearance

Users can be allocated a security clearance which restricts access to project system objects which are protectively marked.

Any number of security protective marking tags can be defined, and applied to a wide range of objects, including projects, tasks, documents, companies, contacts, activites and locations. The security clearance level determines what subset of these tags a user is able to see.

In the demo data a sample set is defined, loosely based on government classifications, but these can be customised to match organisation requirements.

The clearance level applied to a user also defines password complexity and restrictions at login such as password length, special characters and changes from previous passwords. If a user is granted a new clearance level it is possible they may be prompted to change their password at next login, should the current password not match the new requirements.

Clearance levels and security markings can themselves be protectively marked in order to conceal their existence.

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